prada shoes and a poncho


woke up on christmas eve while i was in coolidge, az and the sunny weather just called for a stroll out on the fields.  feeling as mexican as i was feeling i felt it appropriate to finally wear my favorite poncho.   it's not everyday i get to wear one!  on my venture i stopped to snap some shots at this stand alone chimney. the area is surrounded by indian reservations.  i would love to think this was left up as some medium of communication between the native americans and their ancestors but it was probably just left there by whomever tore the little cottage down years ago.  it felt nice to change scenery, you will definitely not find this in the middle of paris.  

poncho: handmade in mexico | shirt: uniqlo | pants: zara | shoes: prada | sunglasses: vintage | necklace: passed down from grandma to dad to me | rings: nordstrom | watch: michael kors

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