when back home


christmas and new years have past us by and i am so happy i was HOME to enjoy my family before the end of 2013.  spending christmas in sunny arizona was the perfect beginning to 2014.  even though my family migrated to the USA years ago the taste of Mexico still persists which revives my soul every time i am close.  as usual, when i landed in paris i couldn't help but feel nostalgic.  i always leave a piece of me  WHEN BACK HOME. spending time in the kitchen with mom, and grandma is just priceless.  what else could we ask for?  more joy and positive energy for 2014 that's what!  so as the new year begins i thought it was the perfect opportunity to share with you that little piece.

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  1. Anonyme8.1.14

    wonderful, bring me a lot of souvenir as well
    keep going



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